Pennsylvania Residential
Owners Association

A Unified Voice for Residential Rental Property
Owners and Property Managers in
Pennsylvania Government


PROA is the Pennsylvania Residential Owners Association, Inc.

We represent the residential real estate investors, landlords and apartment owners of Pennsylvania.  We provide full-time lobbying on legislative and other governmental issues, and keep our members informed of legislative and regulatory matters affecting the rental industry.

PROA was formed in the summer of 1986 to provide the residential rental industry with a unified voice in Pennsylvania government.  We represent over 8,000 landlords and property managers across the entire state, who control over 100,000 rental units.

PROA local chapter groups are located throughout Pennsylvania.  PROA coordinates the efforts of these local organizations to solve shared concerns.

PROA's headquarters is located near the state capitol building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


  • Acts as the unified voice of residential rental owners and managers in state government.

  • Provides leadership and coordination on all problems of interest to the apartment industry throughout Pennsylvania.

  • Represents the industry through lobbying activities in the state legislature, and coordinates grass roots efforts.

  • Collects and disseminates information pertaining to rental property management and legislative matters of concern to the industry.

  • Provides a state-wide coordination and communication network between local apartment owner's organizations to share ideas and concerns.

As the united voice of the private housing industry,
PROA's mission is to represent your interests,
and protect your investment.


The best way is to join a local PROA chapter group near you.
PROA chapters are located throughout Pennsylvania.  If you live near one, you should join.  Your local chapter provides support and educational services taylored to the local area.  It also gives you the opportunity to network with other local landlords, rental owners, and property managers.   Your PROA membership, which is included when you join, gives you additional state-wide services and benefits, and a voice in state government.

Find your nearest local PROA chapter

What if there isn't a local PROA chapters nearby?
If no local PROA chapters are in your area, you can join PROA independently as an at-large member.  To qualify, you must be an owner and/or manager of residential rental property.  At-large members receive the same state-wide services and benefits received by PROA local chapter members, but without the local support.  At-large membership is $50.00 per year.  Apply online below.  You will be billed for your annual dues.

Apply for at-large membership

What if I belong to a local group that isn't a PROA chapter?
If you belong to a local landlord association or investor group not affiliated with PROA, we encourage you to ask them to become a local PROA chapter.  Please contact us for further information.

Can I start a local PROA chapter in my area?
If you would like to start a local PROA chapter, we will help you get going, and can put you in touch with other groups throughout the state.  Please contact us for further information.

Can vendors join PROA?
Vendors and suppliers to the rental housing industry can join PROA as associate members.  Please contact us for more information.

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